Black Sheep Fleece Co. 

About us

We specialize in Unique plushies , cat toys and small animal accessories. All of our small animal accessories have been tried and tested with our own fur babies. Every design has our critter’s comfort and safety in mind. If it isn’t good enough for my hedgehogs, Guinea Pigs or Sugar Gliders then it is not good enough for yours.

The axolotl plushies are made from my personally designed patterns, unless otherwise noted. Each one of these are sewn with a combination of hand and machine. Each one is hand stuffed, I do strive for perfection and try to achieve it on each and every plushie. Each one is pictured fully with detailed photos

Our team



30+ years of experience in the world of handmade goods. Strives for perfection in everything she makes.


Designer/Quality Controll

We caught her around 4 weeks of age. She was a foster failure that now is enjoying her best life. We also caught her brother at the same time. Very good eye for quality. She loves to retrieve and LOVES testing toys that rattle and crinkle.


Designer/Quality Controll

Sweet little scrawny feral kitten turned family member. Now enjoying life and testing toys. He is a durability specialist. Glad he and his sister are part of our team and family.